PWT Image 1.5.0 released - New ACL options and profile options

Thursday, 30 July 2020

We are pleased to announce the availability of PWT Image 1.5.0. In this release we added new options for ACL settings in PWT Image, allowing you to control the display of the upload and load folder tabs. We also extended the profiles with new options for more flexibility in the display of PWT Image for your users. 

Changelog PWT Image 1.5.0

+ -> New ACL options: Show Upload & Show Load Folder
+ -> Options to add prefix and suffix for image path for backend display
+ -> Filter on folder names in search as well
+ -> Option to hide the default folder option in image destinations
+ -> Option added to profile to hide image information
+ -> List profiles on PWT Image dashboard

# -> Fix rendering PWT Image for some form fields, like weblinks
# -> Fix remove double forward slash on folder path
# -> Fix settings to hide the save path of an image
# -> Fix filename format not taken into account
# -> Fix do not replace image tags in backend

- -> Guest upload setting, use the new access check instead

$ -> Provided translation updated, thanks translators!

Please find the entire changelog history on the downloads page of PWT Image

How to update PWT Image?

If you have an active subscription you can easily update PWT Image via the Joomla-updater under Extensions -> Manage -> Update. To use this feature you need to set your "Download ID" in the PWT Image component options. You can find your personal Download ID on your dashboard. You can also download PWT Image and install the package via the Joomla installer.

PWT Image Roadmap

The roadmap for PWT Image is publicly available on the PWT Image Roadmap page. You can vote on features to help us decide what the next steps are for our extension. Let us know if you're missing something on the roadmap, we're happy to receive your input!

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Sander Potjer