PWT Sitemap 1.4.0 released - 3rd party extensions support & new dashboard

Friday, 13 December 2019

We are pleased to announce the availability of PWT Sitemap 1.4.0. In this version, we are adding support for 3rd party Joomla extensions, a new dashboard view to generate your sitemaps with a single click, and many other new features and improvements!

3rd party Joomla extensions support

In this version, we introduce PWT Sitemap plugins to support 3rd party extensions like Kunena, Virtuemart, Zoo, K2, Hikashop, JoomGallery, DJ-Classifieds and EasyDiscuss. These small plugins will take care of adding the content of those extensions to your sitemap. Looking for other extension support? Visit the roadmap & let us know!

New PWT Sitemap dashboard view

pwtsitemap 140 dashboard

We improved the dashboard view of PWT Sitemap. It will list the different types of sitemaps and allows you to quickly add a new sitemap in the menu of your choice. Once your sitemap is active you can quickly access the items of your sitemap to control the visibility.

Another new feature visible on the dashboard is the toolbar button to add the XML sitemap to your robots.txt file so search engines will find your XML sitemap.

Set robots setting for menu-items via batch

In the batch functionality of PWT Sitemap we added a new feature to set the robots setting for all selected menu-items. In that way, you can quickly change these settings in bulk instead of opening and changing the setting per menu-item.

Other improvements & bug fixes

Besides these main new features, we have added several other improvements and fixed a few bugs. See the changelog below for all changes. Translations of PWT Sitemap are also updated with the ones provided by our translators

Changelog PWT Sitemap 1.4.0

+ -> Added building a sitemap.xml via CLI which will support up to 50k records per menu
+ -> Added button in the backend to add any sitemap menu items to robots.txt

# -> Fixed issue where not all subcategories were selected
# -> Fixed an issue where document type would get lost
# -> Fixed an issue when the sitemap would be too small

$ -> Fixed an issue with the language strings for the ZOO plugin
$ -> Provided translation updated, thanks translators!

Changelog PWT Sitemap 1.3.0

This version was never released to the public - sorry! - we released PWT Sitemap 1.4.0 instead.

+ -> Added PWT Sitemap - Kunena plugin
+ -> Added PWT Sitemap - Virtuemart plugin
+ -> Added PWT Sitemap - ZOO plugin
+ -> Added PWT Sitemap - K2 plugin
+ -> Added PWT Sitemap - Hikashop plugin
+ -> Added PWT Sitemap - JoomGallery plugin
+ -> Added PWT Sitemap - EasyDiscuss plugin
+ -> New dashboard view to see sitemap menu-items and create new ones with a single click
+ -> Edit Robots setting via batch function
+ -> Added option set visible menu-title for HTML sitemap
+ -> "Add articles to sitemap" option for articles categories view

# -> Sitemap shows last item duplicate
# -> Fix parsing of special characters in XML sitemap
# -> Remove external URLs from XML sitemap and fix incorrect internal links
# -> Check no-index setting on article level as well, and remove from XML if set

^ -> Use language code settings from plugin for hreflang in multilingual sitemap

Please find the entire changelog history on the downloads page of PWT Sitemap

How to update PWT Sitemap?

If you have an active subscription you can easily update PWT Sitemap via the Joomla-updater under Extensions -> Manage -> Update. To use this feature you need to set your "Download ID" in the PWT Sitemap component options. You can find your personal Download ID on your dashboard. You can also download PWT Sitemap and install the package via the Joomla installer.

PWT Sitemap Roadmap

The roadmap for PWT Sitemap is publicly available on the PWT Sitemap Roadmap page. You can vote on features to help us decide what the next steps are for our extension. Let us know if you're missing something on the roadmap, we're happy to receive your input!

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Sander Potjer