PWT Image

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PWT Image Future

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  • +10 Vote
    {category} as configurable folder path
  • +10 Vote
    Automatic compression of images (via internal/external tools)
  • +9 Vote
    Allow editing of inserted image in article body
  • +1 Vote
    Handle media fields that are injected by plugins
  • +14 Vote
    Option to keep original file used for cropping
  • +0 Vote
    Distinction between front-end and back-end components
  • +11 Vote
    PWT Image for Hikashop product image
  • +2 Vote
    Change and use the image meta/exif data of images
  • +0 Vote
    Integration with SP Page Builder

PWT Image 1.3.2

No release date planned yet.

  • Release watermark plugin
  • Fix media field replacement for fieldsets with no name
  • Using with Customfields for com_user
  • Use {userid} and {username} as placeholders for file & folders
  • You can't upload images as guest bug
  • Re-use image without cropping/modifying/renaming image

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