ACL Manager renamed to PWT ACL

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On August 8th, 2011 I launched ACL Manager, never expecting it would turn out to be an award-winning Joomla-extension with thousands of Joomla sites using it. Now, over 6 years later it is time for the next big step: releasing three new Joomla extensions!

As some of you probably know I'm also running the Joomla-agency Perfect Web Team in The Netherlands. We build great Joomla sites for our clients with a team of 12 Joomla-experts, many with custom Joomla-extensions. We noticed that we started to use some of these extensions in many projects, so last year we decided to move forward and make them available to the general public.

During the Joomla World Conference 2017 in Rome, we launched our new Joomla-extensions: PWT SEO, PWT Image and PWT Sitemap. Together with this launch ACL Manager got renamed to PWT ACL and the website moved to as the new home for all of our extensions. To access your account, subscriptions and downloads you can now log in to this website with your account.

And... ACL Manager PWT ACL version 3 is getting really close, so you expect a new release soon!

Please find answers to Frequently Asked Questions below. Just contact me if you have a question that is not listed.

sander potjer

Thank you for your continued support!

Sander Potjer
Developer ACL Manager PWT ACL.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my subscription still active?

Yes, all subscriptions are still valid & active until the end date of your subscription. The ACL Manager subscriptions are converted to PWT ACL Agency subscriptions to keep the same specifications of your subscription. When renewing you can choose between a Personal, Business or Agency subscription up to your own preferences.

How do I log in to this new site?

You can log in by using the account from Instead of a username, you can now log in with your email. Your password is not changed. If you don't know your password you can reset it here.

How do I renew a subscription?

You can renew your subscription before the expiration date with a 20% discount. Just log in, go to your dashboard and click on the renew button next to your subscription.

Is Sander Potjer still the developer of PWT ACL?

Yes, Sander is still the lead-developer of PWT ACL and will keep providing the support as you were used to. Besides Sander you will now have a team of 11 other Joomla-experts that are able to help you with support and will also contribute to the development of the extension.

Where can I access the downloads for PWT ACL?

You can access the latest (and previous) versions of PWT ACL / ACL Manager on the downloads page of PWT ACL.

Why is the extension in my Joomla site still listed as ACL Manager?

We can't rename an extension from a distance. Up to version 2.5.4 the name will be ACL Manager (com_aclmanager), from version 3.0.0 onwards the name will be PWT ACL (com_pwtacl).

When will PWT ACL version 3.0.0 be released?

Meanwhile, PWT ACL version 3 is available!