Help us translate our Joomla extensions

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

We launched our new translation platform that makes it easy to contribute translations of our PWT Extensions. You can view the actual status of each language on our Translations page and learn how you can get involved.

After looking into several tools to help us maintain the translations of our extensions we selected Crowdin as our translation platform. This allows anyone to contribute translations quickly & easily! Create an account at Crowdin and submit your translations or improvements. Crowdin is also used by the Joomla-project to translate the Joomla core.

Proofreaders receive a free subscription

For each language, we assign 'proofreader' who will maintain a language. The proofreader will receive a free subscription to translate the extension. In return for that, we expect that new language strings are translated within a month after they have been added. In that way, we keep our translations up to date. Interested in becoming a proofreader for your language? Contact us!

Language not available to translate?

Contact us and we will add the language as soon as possible so you can start translating our Joomla extensions. No software or complicated steps needed, just an account on Crowdin and use the user-friendly interface to add translations. Learn more about the translation process on Crowdin.

New translations available soon!

In the past ACL Manager was fully translated into 26 languages. With the new version of PWT ACL most of the language strings became outdated. With the help of our new translation platform we hope to offer new translations for all of our extensions. Thanks in advance for your help in translating our extensions in your favorite language!


Sander Potjer