PWT SEO 2.1.0 released

Wednesday, 15 June 2022

We are pleased to announce the availability of PWT SEO 2.1.0. With this release comes improved compatiblity with Joomla! 4 as well as some stability fixes and minor bugs.

Changelog PWT SEO 2.1.0

# -> Fixed the hits counter for articles, counting PWT SEO as traffic
# -> Added extra check around custom tags
# -> Fixed an issue with the check on meta-description in Joomla! 4
# -> Fixed an issue that would incorrectly initialise chosen on a hidden field
# -> Fixed an issue with Structured Data not showing in Joomla! 4

+ -> Added check for internal and external links on the resulting page
+ -> For the purpose of cascading, an empty array in the config of a menu-item will be considered to be non-existent

- -> Removed the check for sitemap and Google indexing due to changes to core libraries

Please find the entire changelog history on the downloads page of PWT SEO

How to update PWT SEO?

If you have an active subscription you can easily update PWT SEO via the Joomla-updater under Extensions -> Manage -> Update. To use this feature you need to set your "Download ID" in the PWT SEO component options. You can find your personal Download ID on your dashboard. You can also download PWT SEO and install the package via the Joomla installer.

PWT SEO Roadmap

The roadmap for PWT SEO is publicly available on the PWT SEO Roadmap page. You can vote on features to help us decide what the next steps are for our extension. Let us know if you're missing something on the roadmap, we're happy to receive your input!


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Sander Potjer