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PWT SEO 2.1.0

Released on 15 June 2022

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# -> Fixed the hits counter for articles, counting PWT SEO as traffic
# -> Added extra check around custom tags
# -> Fixed an issue with the check on meta-description in Joomla! 4
# -> Fixed an issue that would incorrectly initialise chosen on a hidden field
# -> Fixed an issue with Structured Data not showing in Joomla! 4

+ -> Added check for internal and external links on the resulting page
+ -> For the purpose of cascading, an empty array in the config of a menu-item will be considered to be non-existent

- -> Removed the check for sitemap and Google indexing due to changes to core libraries

PWT SEO 2.0.1

Released on 16 November 2021

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# -> Fixed issue with oAuth sitemap validation
# -> Fixed an issue where the page title would not be overridden
# -> Fixed an issue where the settings from article would override menu-item in the preview
# -> Fixed an issue with filtering of settings which led to unexpected results
# -> Added exemption to avoid conflict with YooTheme

^ -> Be more lenient when checking for missing alt tags

$ -> Show string when no matches found

+ -> Support for J2 Store

PWT SEO 2.0.0

Released on 12 October 2021

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+ -> Support for Joomla! 4
+ -> Upgrade VueJS to 2.6.14
+ -> Support for flexiblog
+ -> The url in the serp is now clickable
+ -> Added check for internal links in the article
+ -> Page title override is now hidden when meta data is managed by SH404SEF
+ -> Added option to provide a jQuery css selector to specify the body on the resulting page, allowing for more refined analysing
+ -> Allow the plugin to fallback to default edit fields on 404 error
+ -> Added migration script for Easy Frontend SEO to PWTSEO
+ -> Allow to configure the min/max boundaries for keyword density
+ -> Scope VueJS to VuePWT for compatibility

# -> Fixed the issue where the first paragraph couldn't be found while editing from the frontend
# -> Ignore punctuation for the purpose of find the keyword in title, url and text
# -> No longer falsely try to analyze the article
# -> Fixed the issue with the fallback strip canonical settings
# -> Subheadings check now correctly ignores H1
# -> Fixed an issue where the body of the article wouldn't update in the resulting page
# -> Fixed an issue where the language would be requested for a non existing item
# -> Fixed a conflict with BA Gallery when previewing an article
# -> Fixed the issue with the stripped output not being properly decoded
# -> Fixed an issue where frontend URL's would always default to en-GB language
# -> Fixed an issue with new Custom URL's not saving

PWT SEO 1.5.2

Released on 04 March 2021

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+ -> Added options to hide the SEO Tab on specific categories (only for com_content and on pageload) + -> Added option to hide the duplicate Browser Page Title field + -> Added option to set an initial timeout before PWT SEO start analyzing + -> Allow to ignore intro and full image when checking for alt tags # -> Fixed issue with reading rank from Google # -> Avoided conflict with other plugins overriding lodash # -> Added extra layer to prevent errors # -> Added extra checks before using variables # -> Time to first byte is now calculated on separate GET request to make it more accurate # -> Fixed issue with Google ranking no longer working # -> Fixed issues with the most common words on page

PWT SEO 1.5.1

Released on 28 October 2020

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+ -> Added extra fields to structured data for product
+ -> Added ISBN to product identifiers
+ -> Added option to ignore the global sitename
+ -> Added option to force request to resulting page to be https
+ -> Added confirm to autofill
+ -> Added support for images snippet for meta tags

# -> Fixed an issue where the datalayer name wasn't properly used
# -> Fixed an issue where default datalayer name wasn't properly cased
# -> Fixed an issue with requesting images for a second time with faulty url
# -> Added an extra check if we should be triggered on content save
# -> Fixed an issue with a RegExp
# -> Fixed an issue with the readmore that would incorrectly test the wrong paragraph
# -> Fixed compatibility issue with JCH

PWT SEO 1.5.0

Released on 13 February 2020

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+ -> Allow to strip parameters from the canonical url
+ -> Added og:url to the default fields
+ -> Added option to assign a datalayer to multiple templates
+ -> Added a setting to disable the robots metadata check
+ -> Added default OpenGraph settings
+ -> Added support for PWT ContentRows
+ -> Added batch setup of custom tags for menu items
+ -> Added Aggregated Review score for product in the Structured Data
+ -> Added batch processing to custom url's
+ -> Added options to set Structured data in batch processing

# -> Avoid conflicts with Yoo_Avanti reading params in menu-item
# -> Fixed where menu item metadescription would show in preview despite article having it
# -> Fixed an issue where the browser title wouldn't be correctly set for menu item
# -> Fixed the issue where the html wouldn't be properly stripped of all html
# -> Language filter in the articles view is now properly applied
# -> Fixed an issue where data-structures wouldn't properly cascade
# -> Fixed a layout issue where the media fields would not display properly
# -> Decode more html entities
# -> Fixed an issue where external resources would still be prefixed with local domain in OG image tags
# -> Fixed an issue with the batch processing of advanced meta tags. Regular tags are now recognized and properly stored
# -> Fixed an issue where & would be encoded in the SERP
# -> Fixed an issue when using the readmore the first paragraph before the readmore would be analysed
# -> Fixed an issue where headings were validated only inside the text of current editor instead of potential resulting page

PWT SEO 1.4.2

Released on 19 September 2019

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# -> Strip some POST parameters to avoid 3rd party extensions misinterpreting
# -> Fixed an issue where the custom tags wouldn't show correct output
# -> Fixed an issue where the overrides made for a custom url wouldn't get applied
# -> Fixed issue with the position of the character count

+ -> Do not set a canonical when inside Hikashop page

PWT SEO 1.4.1

Released on 02 September 2019

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# -> Fix potential error when missing settings
# -> Correctly filter on articles in the articles overview
# -> Fixed bug where sitename was ignored when adding to title
# -> Allow default template setting for adding GTM code

+ -> Added more Google locales
+ -> Several menu types now show a notice message to show they cannot be analyzed

PWT SEO 1.4.0

Released on 12 August 2019

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# -> Do not try to get a preview of a non-existent page
# -> Do not get a preview when task is set to cancel
# -> Set self-referencing canonical tag
# -> Hide empty values in the datalayer output
# -> Menu items that target an article directly will now override any settings of that article

+ -> Toggle to apply settings from menu item down to article (default is turned off)
+ -> Enable to apply datalayer settings on a Category level (cascading: Category > Menu item > Article)
+ -> Show current Google rank for a given key-phrase
+ -> Show notification if the item is new (and so some tests cannot be run)
+ -> Hide datalayers when language is not applicable
+ -> Switch to enable GTM by default for specified templates
+ -> Allow for snippets in the OG fields
+ -> Added setting custom tags in batch for articles

$ -> Changed incorrect translation strings

PWT SEO 1.3.0

Released on 11 March 2019

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# -> When viewing a menu-item, the article seo settings wouldn't get applied
# -> Fixed an issue where menu-items without id wouldn't match any SEO records
# -> Fixed an issue where wrong SEO records would match an url
# -> Resolve alias menu-items to their actual menu-item when validating

+ -> Added management for Google Datalayers
+ -> Added management for several Structured Data
+ -> Added Google breadcrumbs (these can be managed from the component options)
+ -> Added test for alt tags (regardless of SEO keyword) (score change)
+ -> Added display of time till first byte (no score change)
+ -> Option to auto-fill meta keywords and description for an article when none is set
+ -> Function to auto-fill meta data for all articles that don't have any (will process up to 200 content items for each call)
+ -> Added setting in component to expand the OG tags field by default

PWT SEO 1.2.2

Released on 04 December 2018

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# -> Menu overview now only shows menu items when article ids overlap with menu items
# -> Check for active menu item before getting property
# -> Check for access before adding tab to the editor
# -> Check if active menu-item is for our current page
# -> Surround init of editors with check if there is any text at all
# -> Fixed issue with translation to uri safe characters
# -> Find ID when using frontend editing

+ -> Added check if Multilingual is activated before setting language
+ -> Allow for dashes in the focusword when checking the url
+ -> Set table collation to match Joomla!
+ -> SEO settings are now applied regardless if there is no keyword (Relevance order: Custom > Menu-item > Article)

^ -> Modified default min/max for title and metadescription

- -> Removed PWT Image integration setting as PWT Image now works automatically

PWT SEO 1.2.1

Released on 27 July 2018

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# -> Wrap article titles when too long
# -> Use language set in the content
# -> Added delimiters to PCRE
# -> Cast ID param to be int
# -> Fixed an issue where some style/script declarations weren't stripped
# -> Only apply seo settings if a focus word is found
# -> Notice change events instead of keyup
# -> Improved support for JCE editor
# -> Show which user checked out the article in overview

$ -> Added Dutch
$ -> Added Norwegian Bokmal
$ -> Added Thai
$ -> Removed empty string translations
$ -> Show blacklisted words from article only on the test description

+ -> Default blacklisted words
+ -> Support for RTL url's
+ -> Show requested url on errors
+ -> Integrate PWT Image if available
+ -> Account for trailing slash in url's

^ -> Only load PWT Extensions branding in component view
^ -> Do not load the root menu-item in the overview
^ -> Apply color to resulting page checks

PWT SEO 1.2.0

Released on 04 May 2018

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# -> Get correct path, also when in subfolder
# -> Fix for incorrect canonical meta tag
# -> Do not set headlinks for Documents that don't support it
# -> Do not set custom tags for Document that don't support it
# -> Also strip script tags and html entities from content before analysing

$ -> Added French language

+ -> Poll the images fields to see if they have changed
+ -> Remove single letters on word boundaries if followed by apostrophe
+ -> Provide field to extract article title from resulting page (advanced mode)
+ -> Alt tags of images are now also checked for URI safe version of the keyword
+ -> Allow to setup blacklisted words for each content language (these don't count towards command words on your page)
+ -> Added seo tab to individual menu-items (including overview page)

^ -> Do not set full text in preview (prevents issue with Widgetkit and ModulesAnywhere)
^ -> Run tests without keyword if they don't rely on it
^ -> No longer hide default OG tags in advanced mode
^ -> Overhaul for custom tags in advanced mode
^ -> Directly link to the plugin in component

- -> Removed polling interval as it's no longer used

PWT SEO 1.1.0

Released on 15 March 2018

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# -> Resulting meta description now displays correct message
# -> Resulting keyword density now displays correct color
# -> Order on article id in the overview
# -> Modified search for image to include images over multiple lines
# -> Set outdated flag back to 0 once it's saved

$ -> Label more specific for page title
$ -> Specify that images are either inside the content, intro or fullimage

+ -> Analyze custom URL's
+ -> Added icons for each test
+ -> Display language for articles
+ -> Include intro/full image in the check for images in the content
+ -> Show version on dashboard
+ -> Added colors to counters
+ -> Added 5 most common words on resulting page
+ -> Backend ACL check

^ -> Score is now percentage based (0 - 100)
^ -> Applied namespacing
^ -> Moved description of tests to tooltip of the headings
^ -> Added 'PWT SEO' to titles in backend
^ -> Image in resulting page is now counted als in-article if alt tag matches keyword

PWT SEO 1.0.2

Released on 25 January 2018

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# -> Use correct title in tests
# -> Allow users to remove the Publishing tab from the edit screen
$ -> Modified multi use of keyword to specify its usage on another page
$ -> Translate non-ASCII characters to ASCII when testing the url
$ -> Changed no-index, no-follow notification to make clear it's from PWT SEO
+ -> Batch processing to set meta description for selected articles
+ -> Set a custom or self-referencing canonical for pages
+ -> Update calculations in realtime when modifying alias (this includes the url checks)
+ -> Notify user to review older scores when scoring has changed
+ -> Check in Google search console if there is a sitemap associated with the website
+ -> Check if there's an xml sitemap available on the website (only works with PWT Sitemap)
+ -> Check if SEF is enabled on the website
+ -> Show error when resulting page is unavailable

PWT SEO 1.0.1

Released on 02 January 2018

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+ -> Include alt-tags on the Images tab when checking for images in the content article
+ -> Added test on unique article title
+ -> Added test on unique meta description
+ -> Added configuration for min/max amount of characters for the title and metadescription
+ -> Added check for robots in the global configuration, notifying user when set to "noindex, nofollow"
# -> Add websitename if set to add it (either before or after)
# -> Not using tinyMCE no longer causes issues for meta description
# -> Corrected the max amount of point for calculating the score
# -> Correctly count phrase and trim the keyword
^ -> Changed plugin name to conform to defaults
^ -> 50 character count in the title is now counted as good, between 50 - 60 is medium
^ -> Indexability now also checks the robots meta on resulting page
- -> Removed reference requirement

PWT SEO 1.0.0

Released on 17 November 2017

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Initial release at the Joomla! World Conference 2017!