The roadmap of PWT SEO. Vote on the items to help us define priorities.

PWT SEO Future

Please vote for your favourite item to help us prioritize the list.

  • +43 Vote
    Check for keyword usage in first paragraph of article
  • +72 Vote
    Support for multiple keywords
  • +33 Vote
    Rich-snippet breadcrumbs
  • +58 Vote
    Check for duplicate content
  • +25 Vote
    Check for text complexity / readability
  • +31 Vote
    Option to set OG properties defaults
  • +16 Vote
    Description for each test how the score is calculated
  • +40 Vote
    Add SEO tab to category edit page. This allows to optimize the category description on the same page instead of having to switch from menu-item to category.
  • +18 Vote
    Add competitor urls and see the google rank position in comparison with own
  • +5 Vote
    Display most common words for page in backend overview
  • +3 Vote
    PWT SEO Doesn't correctly retrieve an menu item when it's an alias
  • +3 Vote
    Enable to process articles/menu-items/custom url's in a batch fashion

PWT SEO 3rd Party

Based on the votes we will look into supporting 3rd party extensions in future releases.

  • +245 Vote
    PWT SEO for K2
  • +39 Vote
    PWT SEO for Virtuemart
  • +21 Vote
    PWT SEO for ZOO
  • +32 Vote
    PWT SEO for Yootheme PRO
  • +54 Vote
    PWT SEO for SP Page Builder
  • +57 Vote
    PWT SEO for EasyBlog
  • +226 Vote
    PWT SEO for Hikashop
  • +12 Vote
    PWT SEO for Gridbox Page Builder

PWT SEO 1.3.0

No release date planned yet.

  • Automatically fill in meta keywords for most used words in article
  • Export SEO-scores overview
  • Google Tag Manager Data Layer
  • SERP Preview is not identical to actual output bug
  • No SEO records match when non-sef url lacks id bug
  • Have open/closed OG Tags by default via plugin setting

PWT SEO 1.3.1

No release date planned yet.

  • Apply menu item settings to children

PWT SEO 1.4.0

No release date planned yet.

  • Display the current ranking for url for the keyword set
  • Show site performance for keyphrases

Feature requests for PWT SEO?

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