PWT Sitemap

The roadmap of PWT Sitemap. Vote on the items to help us define priorities.

PWT Sitemap Future

Please vote for your favourite item to help us prioritize the list.

  • +7 Vote
    Caching of sitemaps
  • +14 Vote
    Allow submitting sitemaps to search engines via backend component
  • +3 Vote
    Option to add default settings for menu-item types

PWT Sitemap Plugins

Please vote for the 3rd party extension that we should support.

PWT Sitemap 1.3.0

Scheduled for March 2019

  • PWT Sitemap plugin for JoomGallery
  • PWT Sitemap plugin for Kunena
  • PWT Sitemap plugin for Virtuemart
  • PWT Sitemap plugin for EasyDiscuss
  • PWT Sitemap plugin for K2
  • Edit Robots setting via batch function
  • Sitemap shows last item duplicate bug
  • PWT Sitemap plugin for Zoo
  • Routing menu-item in multilingual sitemap bug
  • Parsing of special characters in XML sitemap bug
  • Changing Menu Title on Display Sitemap
  • Invalid date in XML Sitemap bug
  • Sitemap checks on dashboard
  • "Add articles to HTML sitemap" for categories view

Feature requests for PWT Sitemap?

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